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¹æÁ¦¹æ¹ý Work time and ways Merit Demerit
All cutting
on small
- Spring¡¤Autumn (2 times)
- Incineration after all cutting the damaged
areas with the scale
- Intermediating insects
  density¡¯s decreases
- 100% killing on invaded   intermediating- insects
- There are not worries on
  re-damages by renewing tree   kinds, and partial products can
  be utilized
- There are difficult in working
  at steep slopes
- Difficulties owing to many outlets
- Worries on safety accidents
- Spring¡¤Autumn (2 times)
- Fumigation after cutting the damaged part into
1m length
- Intermediating insects
  density¡¯s decreases
- 100% killing on invaded   intermediating- insects
- Surrounding tree¡¯s damages in
 case of doing felling, Difficulty of
 fumigation at steep slopes
- Treating process of plane trees
 is hard and excessive cost is
 needed, Low efficiency
- Worries on safety accidents
Incineration - Any time throughout
the year
- Incineration after
cutting the damaged
parts only
- Intermediating insects
  density¡¯s decreases
- 100% killing on invaded   intermediating- insects
- It is limited extremely owing
to environmental problems and
risks on forest fires
- Many time are spent for
doing incineration
Drug infusion - Any time throughout
the year
(July~ September)
- Drug infusion to attack
holes by injectors
- Killing insect¡¯s effects are very  excellent by injecting accessible  pesticides
- Cost-reduction and works
  are easy
- There is risk to omit due to
lots of trespassing holes
- It is difficult to find the
trespassing holes
- Spraying Mep Emulsion
of 200 folds with
intervals of 2 weeks
- By doing concentrated  controlling of insect pests at  emergence timing of imago, it  gives helps in density decreases. - There is risk to cause civil
complaints due to difficulty in
moving and drug spraying in
an alpine region and
environmental contamination.
Super Roll
- Any time
throughout the year
- Installing Super   Roll Trap at
  tree¡¯s bottom
- 100% extinction on   invaded intermediating-
- Convenient installation
  and maintenance
- No safety accidents
- Replacing works are
required after designated